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About Running Wild Trail Association


Running Wild Trail Association has been formed to fill a perceived void in organised, quality trail running experiences for athletes in NSW. Following ongoing discussions with regards to how great it is to participate in events like these at some highly regarded races such as Six Foot Track, Woodford to Glenbrook and Mt Wilson to Bilpin. Events that draw on the wilderness experience. It was decided to create a not for profit organisation to seek out and provide more of these trail experiences for runners in NSW.

In short to provid low cost trail running events that foster and encourage runners to experience and enjoy trail running in NSW. To expose runners to new running trails and to build positive relationships with key stake holders such as NPWS and the Department of Lands for the benefit of all users.

 We want to organise the best off-road trail runs we can for all levels of runner. From the extremely competitive, seeking to gain experience and opportunities in the lead up to currently established trail races. Through to those with less competitive goals such as general health and fitness benefits or individuals seeking the feeling of well being time in a natural environment can provide.

Our events will be a great way to meet a fantastic bunch of like-minded people with whom you will enjoy your trail running. To exchange running experiences with or to probe for information about training techniques and programs. Enabling you to seek information on many more great trails on which to spend your time.

Keep up to date with our calendar of events and express your opinion on events through the event forums page. It is our hope to see many of you at one of the Running Wild Trail Association events coming soon to a trail near you.

Yours in Running Wild.